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5 Ways To Re-frame Your Thoughts & Overcome Imposter Syndrome


If you’ve ever felt like you weren’t worthy of your success, or that you’re a fraud this post is for you. Imposter syndrome affects 70% of people at all levels of success. Entrepreneurs with these feelings not only feel bad about their accomplishments, they feel like they can’t pursue opportunities and projects. 

These feelings of intense doubt can occur in both our personal and professional lives, but they are more common in the latter and affect how we proceed in life.

In a nutshell imposter syndrome is that feeling that you get when you feel like:

• you don’t deserve your success 

• you don’t belong 

• you are a fraud 

• you don’t know what you are doing, and

• you are worried that you are going to be ‘found out’ or ‘exposed’.

There are 5 different types of Imposters

• The Perfectionist: They may wait for the “perfect time” to start a project and never end up starting it at all. The slightest criticism can crush their self confidence. 

• The Superwoman-They have a lot of insecurities and work to cover them up by being the best. If they aren’t working, they have a lot of insecurities and work to cover them up by being the best. 

• The Genius-They feel ashamed if it takes them a long time to finish a task or acquire a skill. If something doesn’t come naturally they feel like a fraud. They  may have had other skills come easily to them, like getting A’s in school, and then be stumped when they aren’t good at something new on the first try. 

• The Soloist-Soloists like to do things independently. Asking for help feels like admitting defeat. They want to accomplish things on their own and if they can’t they feel like failures.

• The Expert-They don’t apply to job postings unless they meet 100% of the listed requirements. They may procrastinate starting a project until they know everything about the subject.

How do you re-frame your thoughts?


Thinking “I am not good enough”I belong everywhere
Thinking “My opinion doesn’t matter”I have a voice
Thinking “My experience isn’t worth sharing”Your voice is exactly what people need to here
Thinking “Everything has been done already”There are no two alike products; everyone is unique
Thinking “I am not cool/smart/good enough”I am somebody and you are always enough and the world need you

The bottom line is imposter syndrome happens to even the most successful of people. Learning tactics to overcome the feeling will help you bounce back faster and keep the overwhelming feeling of imposter syndrome at bay in the future.




    I’ve never seen this list of the five types of imposter. This was very helpful to break down this different ways this syndrome can affect you. Thanks for sharing this information!

    • Shay H. Elle

      Hi Desiree. Thank you for reading the post. I am glad that you were able to get a different prospective on imposter syndrome.

    • Shay H. Elle

      Hi Chef Mireille, thanks for the feedback. Sometimes I too suffer from the Genius personality. The great thing about it, is that we recognize it.

  • C. Jaye

    I never looked at imposter syndrome this way before. Being a superwoman is probably one of the things I’m working on NOT doing. Not b/c of insecurities, but b/c that’s what I’ve seen growing up and what I know. I also feel that a lot of people try to change things without looking at their thoughts, which is where negative behaviors begin. Love the post!

    • Shay H. Elle

      Hi C. Jaye, thanks for the feedback. What a great concept about how negative behaviors begins. Thanks for your insight on the topic.

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